We are pleased to inform you that Aisko has been honored with the honorable title of the winner of the e-Gazelles of Business 2022 ranking! In the classification of the business daily "Puls Biznesu", the most dynamic Polish enterprises from the e-commerce sector are awarded.

This is not our first "e-Gazelle", but it is as enjoyable as the first. Another presence of AISKO in this ranking confirms the stable position of our company on the currently difficult and demanding e-commerce market.

In online trading, the seller's credibility and good opinion among buyers are particularly important. Customer trust is the foundation of this business. We have been working on our credibility for many years, which is why the title awarded by an objective and opinion-forming source, "Puls Biznesu", is of great importance to us.

We are constantly improving the quality of customer service and looking for new markets. And since the ways and tools of sales are constantly changing nowadays, our company must also be flexible and able to adapt to changing market conditions. We are open to suggestions from our business partners, as well as to customer expectations. We are looking for new solutions both in terms of delivery speed, as well as payment terms and methods. Each time our motto - and at the same time our mission - is high quality. Both in terms of the assortment sold and customer service.

We perceive the award of the prestigious title of "e-Business Gazelle" and being among the winners for 2022 as proof of appreciation for our efforts and confirmation of our company's compliance with good market practices.

It is worth noting that the "Gazele Biznesu" ranking is the oldest, most popular and at the same time the most reliable ranking in Poland classifying small and medium-sized enterprises. "Puls Biznesu" started this classification in 2000 and has been doing it continuously for over two decades. And since 2014, the daily has introduced the "e-Gazele Biznesu" awards for companies from the e-commerce market.

From the very beginning, the main idea of ​​these awards was to support entrepreneurship, to indicate the most reliable companies on the market, to build trust among customers, because the ranking is based on the most objective criteria, i.e. financial results. Importantly, the participation of enterprises in the ranking is free of charge.