We are very pleased to inform you that the Kidde brand was awarded the Golden Emblem in the nationwide competition "Consumer's Laurel 2023", in the category "Quality and warranty - alarm sensors".

It is worth emphasizing that we have been honored with this prestigious distinction once again, which emphasizes the stable position of our brand on a very demanding market and the fact that we can enjoy the constant trust of our customers. We thank you very much both for this trust and for the votes cast for us.

This award is, on the one hand, an expression of appreciation for our efforts in the field of customer service, and on the other, an obligation to continue Kidde's previous activities in the area of both quality and warranty of our products.

The Consumer's Laurel/Customer's Laurel plebiscite is a well-known and renowned competition in the Polish economy, which has been conducted for almost two decades. Its 19th edition is currently underway. The purpose of this plebiscite is not only to honor, but also to promote those brands and services that enjoy the best opinion of the respondents participating in the survey. And it is worth noting that more than 300 categories are polled every year. Respondents vote in many categories, but in each of them they can only vote once for their favorite product, brand or service.

We are all the more pleased that so many of you have decided to vote for the Kidde brand. This is important because such a collective recommendation from consumers who have already trusted us often becomes a very important shopping tip for new customers, both wholesale and individual.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their trust and votes cast for us in the "Consumer Laurel 2023" plebiscite