We are particularly pleased to announce that our company - Aisko Spółka Jawna, has been awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate.

This title is awarded to companies that have an impeccable reputation among customers and contractors.

The certification process consists in conducting by the Customer Opinion Research Center - using its own, innovative methodology - an analysis of opinions appearing on the Internet about a given entity. Almost 200,000 companies in eight European countries have already joined the project.

Research carried out at the end of June this year confirmed the lack of negative opinions about our company. The report is publicly available on the competition's subpage, where companies' business cards are presented.

Awarding Aisko with the Trustworthy Company certificate is so important to us that for many years we have been paying special attention to the image of our company also on the Internet.

Positive perception of the company by customers and contractors is the best review of our market activities, the level of services provided and the quality of the products offered. And good opinions on the Internet, confirmed in research by an independent, external entity - are now a showcase of a reliable company.

We are glad that Aisko is included in this group.