Fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax 750ml

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Fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax 750ml
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  • Model: SAF-SGS-750-RM
  • EAN: 4771620840043
  • Weight: 1,000g
  • Dimensions: 74mm x 74mm x 263mm

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ReinoldMax 750 is a universal foam aerosol fire designed to extinguish fires class: A, B, F and electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000V.

The spray is perfect for extinguishing fires in households (burning of fat in the kitchen, short-circuiting of electrical installations, fireplaces, barbecues, etc.), however, it is also ideal for summer houses and gazebos. It can be an interesting alternative for a fire extinguisher, e.g. in trailers, camping cars, at workplaces (e.g. during welding, soldering), in offices or car workshops.

The special AFFF foam concentrate used in the spray is a biodegradable and non-toxic aqueous solution of surfactants. The foam creates a water film that quickly cuts off the oxygen supply, suppress the flames and prevent from the recurrence of fire.

ReinoldMax 750 is compact, light and handy. Reliability and simple use (identical to using deodorant or hairspray) allow to intervene really fast regardless of the prevailing conditions. An additional advantage is the wide range of operating and storage temperatures (0 ~ 50°C), 24-month warranty and up to 10-year life of the extinguishing agent.

Compared to the basic 500 ml spray, this version has greater efficiency and extinguishing efficiency, as well as extended operating time.

Designed to extinguish fires class: A, B, F; particularly useful when very fast fire suppression is required.


  • Universal use (A, B, F fires)
  • Extinguishing electrical devices under voltage up to 1000V
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic AFFF foam concentrate
  • Special built-in nozzle
  • Simple way of using (the same as using a deodorant or hairspray)
  • Handy construction, small size and low weight
  • Wide range of operating and storage temperatures (0 ~ 50°C)
  • Increased capacity and extinguishing efficiency
  • Extended uptime ±25 sec.
  • 24 months warranty
  • Up to 10-year service life of the extinguishing agent

* The holder shown in the photos is not part of this offer. It can be purchased separately.

Product information
Usage Fires of type A, B, F, electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000V
Type of extinguishing agent Foam concentrate AFFF
Extinguishing efficiency 3A, 21B, 5F, electrical equipment up to 1000V (certification)
Working pressure 1.1 MPa; at temp. 25°C
Working medium Nitrogen (N)
Action time ±25 sec.
Range ±3 ~ 4 m, optimal extinguishing distance 1 m
The amount of extinguishing agent 750 ml
Lifetime of the extinguishing agent 10 years from the production date*
* The maximum life of the extinguishing agent is given. Durability can be affected by exposure to temperatures outside the storage specification, etc.
Package Aluminium can
Refillable No
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Storage conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CNPP - NFS 61804 (French standard)
Warranty 24 months
Durable handle specially designed for 750ml fire extinguishing sprays are their secure and comfortable fastening in a house, car, boat, office, etc.In case of fire, we often act under pressure and we forget where we put the fire spray. At that moment we lose precious time in a matter of seconds.The ..
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