Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms
Smoke alarm 10Y29 Smoke alarm 10Y29
EAN: 0047871102518
Optical smoke detector model 10Y29 with a factory-built, non-replaceable battery that guarantees 10 years of device operation. Power is activated when the sensor is placed in the mounting bracket. It is characterized by small dimensions and modern design.It has a TEST & HUSH ™ button t..
132.00 zł
Ex Tax:107.32 zł
Smoke alarm 2030-DSR Smoke alarm 2030-DSR
Available -35 %
EAN: 0047871317691
Optical smoke detector 2030-DSR is powered by a removable 9V battery and has been designed in a minimalist style. It is characterized by small dimensions and low weight.It is equipped with a TEST & HUSH™ button for checking the correct operation of the detector's internal circuits, as well as fo..
64.00 zł 99.00 zł
Ex Tax:52.03 zł
Smoke alarm 29HD Smoke alarm 29HD
EAN: 0047871078936
Optical smoke detector 29HD powered by a replaceable 9V battery, characterized by small dimensions and modern design.It has a TEST button for inspection and operation of the detector and a HUSH ™ button that allows you to silence an accidentally triggered alarm (eg during cooking or frying).Battery ..
89.00 zł
Ex Tax:72.36 zł
Carbon monoxide & smoke alarm 10SCO Carbon monoxide & smoke alarm 10SCO
Out of Stock
EAN: 0047871104062
10SCO is used to protect rooms against fire and carbon monoxide. The device has two independent sensors placed in one housing.Smoke sensor monitors the air for the presence of products formed during combustion or smoldering objects. Carbon monoxide sensor is used to monitor rooms for carbon monoxide..
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Smoke & carbon monoxide alarm K10SCO Smoke & carbon monoxide alarm K10SCO
New Available
EAN: 0047871319930
K10SCO is a dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector equipped with a voice alarm and two independent sensors. Optical is responsible for detecting fire alarms, while electrochemical is responsible for detecting carbon monoxide (CO).If a fire is detected and/or the permissible concentration of ca..
209.00 zł
Ex Tax:169.92 zł
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