Gas test Purcheck 30S for smoke detectors

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    Gas test Reinoldmax for smoke detectors
Gas test Purcheck 30S for smoke detectors
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  • Model: HFS-PC30S
  • EAN: 5907222598504
  • Weight: 240g
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 65mm x 200mm

Gas test PurCheck® 30S designed for checking optical and ionizing smoke detectors.

Ensure full compliance of tests carried out for detectors manufactured in accordance with UL217, 268 and ULC531; 527 (and equivalent standards). It doesn't corrode plastic components, doesn't leave stains or contaminate detectors. It's the only completely non-flammable and environmentally friendly aerosol available on the market. Used in accordance with the instructions in the user manual, it is safe for both humans and animals.

Performing the test is extremely simple and doesn'tt require any special knowledge or use of additional equipment. PurCheck® 30S has very high performance - one can is enough to perform over 300 tests.

Recommended for technical services, chimney sweepers, companies involved in the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors and private persons possessing the above devices.


  • Very high performance - over 300 tests from one can!
  • A simple and convenient way of use
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Doesn't corrode detector components
  • Allow to perform the test without additional equipment
  • Completely non-flammable and environmentally friendly aerosol
  • Meets the requirements of NFPA 72 and the International Fire Protection Code
  • 100% compliant with EPA requirements, HFC and CFC free
  • Does not contain paraffin
Product information
Compatibility Smoke detectors in optical and ionization technology
How to perform the test Applying a test aerosol sample to the detector using a sprayer
Dispensing time 1 – 2 sek.
Measuring distance 0.6 – 1.2 m
Efficiency Approx 300 tests
Packaging Aluminium can
Refillable No

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