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18 Apr2024 Laur Konsumenta - Lider XX lecia - 2004 - 2024
Sieniek 0 424
Niezmiernie miło nam poinformować, że marka Kidde została nagrodzona Złotym Godłem w programie Laur Klienta/Konsumenta najbardziej elitarnym tytułem „Laur Konsumenta - Lider XX lecia - 2004 - 2024”. W tym roku plebiscyt Laur Klienta/Konsumenta obchodzi swój jubileusz. Od 20 lat wyłaniane są najpopul..
02 Mar2024 Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2024
Dorota 0 700
Kidde is a trustworthy leader We are extremely proud that we can once again boast a prestigious title! The Kidde brand took first place in the category: "Premium carbon monoxide and smoke detectors" in the 13th edition of the Consumer Quality Leader competition. The aim of the competition is to sel..
03 Feb2024 Warsaw - Torwar - event „It's on fire, be vigilant
Dorota 0 1039
Thank you to everyone who was with us last Saturday at Warsaw's Torwar! And what was happening? Once again, we took part in the "Burn, be alert" event. The highlight of the evening was a rousing concert by Bajm on the occasion of the band's 45th anniversary. It was magical, colorful and, of course, ..
07 Oct2023 Lodz Manufaktura - Carbon Monoxide and Fire. Awake vigilance
Muppet 0 1157
It was happening! There was a lot of fire and no shortage of water. On October 7, another installment of the educational and informational campaign "Chad and Fire. Awaken Vigilance". Everything under control, of course, because it was, after all, a firefighting event whose purpose, in addition to a ..
02 Oct2023 How to get rid of leaves and branches after the season?
Dorota 0 1578
Do you want to get rid of leaves and branches after the season? Don't burn them or you'll get a ticket! Autumn is, among other things, a time to clean up gardens and allotments. Falling leaves need to be raked up, dry branches collected and somehow all of this needs to be removed from the property. ..
22 Jul2023 Trustworthy Company 2023
Sieniek 0 1783
We are particularly pleased to announce that our company - Aisko Spółka Jawna, has been awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate. This title is awarded to companies that have an impeccable reputation among customers and contractors. The certification process consists in conducting by the Customer..
12 May2023 The National Chimney Sweeps Day is behind us!
Darek 0 1886
National Chimney Sweep Festival is behind us! This year the festival came to Bydgoszcz, and we can confidently admit that the organization of the event was at the highest level! The Black Brothers' Day is always a great opportunity to integrate the environment, exchange current information and exper..
02 Mar2023 Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2023
Darek 0 2623
Consumers trust the Kidde brand We are pleased to announce that in the 12th edition of the prestigious Consumer Quality Leader, Marek Kidde was once again honored with 1st place in the category: "Premium chad and smoke sensors". Thus, we received the opportunity to use the Golden Emblem Consumer Qua..
27 Jan2023 Golden Consumer Laurel 2023 for Kidde
Darek 0 2722
We are very pleased to inform you that the Kidde brand was awarded the Golden Emblem in the nationwide competition "Consumer's Laurel 2023", in the category "Quality and warranty - alarm sensors". It is worth emphasizing that we have been honored with this prestigious distinction once again, which e..
01 Dec2022 The „Gazela Biznesu” 2022 for Aisko!
Darek 0 2490
We are pleased to inform you that Aisko has been honored with the honorable title of the winner of the e-Gazelles of Business 2022 ranking! In the classification of the business daily "Puls Biznesu", the most dynamic Polish enterprises from the e-commerce sector are awarded. This is not our first "..
22 Oct2022 Warsaw Torwar -
Sieniek 0 2314
Smart and fun at Torwar. On October 22 at Warsaw's Torwar Stadium, we had the pleasure of taking part in a seminar on fire protection entitled "Pali się" along with a performance by well-known personalities of the Polish cabaret scene.The material was presented by Jerzy Kryszak and Kabaret pod Wyrwi..
20 Oct2022 Coral Circle of Rural Housewives in Olbrachcice - „Safe Senior”
Sieniek 0 2005
On October 20, the inauguration of the "Safe Senior" campaign took place. The meeting was attended by 40 seniors from the Dąbrowa Zielona commune. During the meeting, the whole group of seniors received Kidde carbon monoxide detectors that will be installed in their households. Now seniors don..
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